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Applications: Member card, gift card, ID card, VIP card, Club card, bank card ,anti-fake cards ,etc

Product Details

3D Hologram logo/artwork foil made on your design

Printing options
Offset printing full color on both side, no mind how many color on the card
Print pantone color ( common is 2-3 colors, can be more color in extra cost
Print CMYK+ Metallic color
Print gold or silver color
Hot stamp foil color ( gold, silver, laser red gold etc)
Security logo printing, only special light can see the logo, common light see nothing
Hologram logo

2. Choice of THICKNESS
30mil(0.76mm), 24mil(0.6mm), 32mil(0.82mm), 40mil (1.0mm)
30mil or 0.76mm is the standard credit card thickness

3. Choice of FINISH
Lamination glossy, frosted, matt, Sport UV or others special request

4. Choice of material
Opaque white, Clear, Translucence pvc, abs, pp, paper, metal ect.
Opaque cards are regular white PVC cards.
Most of business card choose clear material and frosted surface

5. Personalization
Embossing name, number and date ( gold or silver color for options)
BARCODES ( Bar code with or without matching numbers below)
Thermal printing name, number and date like it on credit card
Ink jet printing number

6. WRITABLE STRIPS (PANELS) in any size, shape or number
Writable Panels are available in any size, shape or number (for Signature strips, Data Fields, Notes etc. ). You can create a card with multiple small writable fields or you can cover a whole side to make it an area for notes

7. HOTSTAMPING foil logo
Various colors of foil are available for hot stamping process. Common color is silver, gold or laser red

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