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CUP, two-dimensional code booster NFC payment to lose ground, NFC label industry greet opportunities
2014-10-07 08:18:26 admin
At present, two-dimensional code NfC pay by phone party favor, travel, shopping, meal, just the phone long sweep, you can pay, easy fashion, but also very safe. As the size of mobile payments is growing, more and more giant also eager and want to catch wind of mobile payments, a slice, have added to the NFC payment to seize the game, fight to the bitter end.
Recently, as my biggest is the only inter-bank transaction settlement system UnionPay, also announced it has joined the fray of mobile payments, the introduction of a technique called "flash collect"
NFC-payment function POS machine, the first industry has sold four million units, press the number of the calculation, support NfC payment POS machine has more than 20 percent.
With respect to Africa, Japan, Korea and other countries, to pay the relatively slow progress of NFC worldwide each year more than six hundred million NFC tags affixed to mobile phones from China sent around the world, but in China, the use of NFC-enabled mobile phones less than 1 person %, and now, with more and more added constantly promote the development of giant NFC payments industry, coupled with the central bank to encourage commercial banks to expand the near-field NFC phone payment application, for the purposes of industrial chain, favorable policies, market demand will bring change in the industry, it will become a new business Nuggets point. Can be expected, NFC industry will be a new development in the Chinese market, but also will accelerate competition in the domestic mobile payment market, bring people more quality payment applications.